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Val-Pierre · 4 March 2023

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Given that 75% of venture-backed startups fail (Wall Street Journal), it’s no wonder that Utah founders and teams often succumb to hustle culture and overwork. This approach, however, results in stress, anxiety, and depression, costing US businesses a staggering $500 billion annually. 

Ironically, the pursuit of growth at any cost can lead to business failure and collapse. Furthermore, the impact of work-induced mental health issues leaves a wake of shattered individuals and lives. 

Join a trailblazer community of Utah founders and executive/leadership teams who are committed to building thriving businesses while prioritizing their mental well-being.

Discover how to unlock your full potential and achieve sustained success while prioritizing mental health. Learn science-based approaches to peak performance, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, and gain the tools and strategies you need to thrive under pressure. Each week, you will learn specific techniques to overcome stress and anxiety, develop a growth mindset, and build a sustainable business while prioritizing your mental health.

This is unlike other courses in that we recognize that everyone is different and there is no such a thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to unlocking performance while reducing overwork and burnout. Our weekly challenges are designed to help you apply what you’ve learned, learn from others and build your skills over time. Our live group discussions and regular podcasts and posts provide a supportive community of leaders and ongoing learning opportunities.

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